Free shipping over $100 to Canada and the USA!


What is your refund policy?
You can find my refund policy here.  If you would like to contact us to discuss the particulars of your situation, please do so via the contact form.

How long does each product take to produce?
My items take, on average, a week to ship because they are not produced until you order them.  Please keep this in mind, especially when ordering gifts. 

Are the pattern prints the same size?
I design items individually, according to the shape and fit of each item, so the scale is different, even for items with the same pattern. All items are consistent with the scale within themselves, unless otherwise noted (i.e., the reversible pillows).

Are the colours the same?
I choose colours based on how they work together within the same pattern, so there is no guarantee that the colours will be the same through the different variations. For example, the blue in The Nadine in Green and Blue is NOT the same blue as the blue in The Nadine in Purple and Blue.  The colours are the same throughout every item labeled with the same name and colours (i.e., the colours in the Nadine Flare Skirt in Green and Blue are the same as the colours in The Nadine Headband in Green and Blue).

Do you carry plus sizes?
Unfortunately, no. I am looking to expand, but at this point in time, I can only carry sizes depicted in the sizing charts which can be found on each product page.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, most items ship internationally. Please allow sufficient time for delivery to your location.

COVID-19 Update:
Please be patient and expect production and shipping delays due to COVID-19.  Unfortunately, this is out of my control.